About Us

Séamus Caulfield established Metamorphosis in 1996 as a training and development consultancy offering a range of planning, development and training supports to local development and public sector bodies. He has considerable experience of enterprise training and support in both a tutoring and mentoring capacity over the past 19years.

He qualified initially with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and subsequently completed a Masters Degree in Enterprise systems (M.Appl.Sc). He is currently completing a Ph.D in Business Growth Strategies.

He has worked for many years in both the community and private sectors, gaining years of experience developing and delivering customised enterprise training and advisory services for various target audiences including

Sligo LEADER Partnership Company

Galway Local Enterprise Office

Galway Rural Development Company

Westmeath Community Development Limited

Athlone Community Taskforce

FÁS Training & Employment Authority

Department of Social Protection

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