Séamus Caulfield is the author of three publications:

  1. “How to build a profitable business”
  2. “How to build a profitable business – Workbook”
  3. “Should I start a business”

‘How to Build a Profitable Business’

Written in an easy-to-read style, this book provides a solid foundation for anybody starting a business in Ireland today.
Enterprise Concepts – applying the basic rules of business
Sales and Marketing – satisfying customers
Finance – financing your business and counting your money
Business Planning – easy to use business plan template
Taxation – simple guide to the Irish tax system
General Management – legal, health & safety, employment issues
Manager Development – goal setting,networking, investment, time management

“Our enterprise clients have found this book invaluable. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough” John Brennan, Deputy CEO, Westmeath Community Development Ltd.

“This is an invaluable, practical business guide.” Mary Ryan, Assistant Director, WESTBIC, Galway.

“I must declare at the outset that the Author Seamus Caulfield is well known to me as we soldiered together in our old Alma Mater of St. Jarlath’s College in Tuam.  However, leaving that aside, my overall comment of this publication is that it very much works from the basis of first principle and I would definitely recommend it as required reading to anyone embarking on a business venture.  What I like about it is that Seamus gives a holistic approach which he keeps relatively simple and his use of proverbs and anecdotes is enlightening in a space that is often over killed with Accountancy/Business jargon.  A highly recommended read for budding entrepreneurs.” Proinsias J. Kitt, F.C.A., Partner, DHKN, Chartered Accountants, Galway.

Click below for an extract from a number of Chapters – ‘Building a Profitable Business’

Click below for an extract from the Workbook

Click below for an extract from the ‘Should I start a Business’

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