Services provided

Metamorphosis Training Consultancy offers a range of planning, development and training supports to local development and public sector bodies including

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Consultancy
  • Business planning
  • Evaluations

Sample Training Programmes

The following business courses are based on the book “How to build a profitable business”, written by Séamus Caulfield. This book forms the reference material for the training programmes.  A second publication, “How to build a profitable business – Workbook” forms an integral part of the training programmes and help to further develop the key questions arising in the a training environment,

Participants will receive a copy of both the book and the workbook as part of the following training programmes.

Course title: “Introduction to business”

Duration:                      2.5 hours one evening per week over seven week.

Aim: To give participants an introduction to what is involved in running their own business

Course title: “Start your own business” (Short duration)

Duration:                      One day per week over a seven week period

Aim: For people who have a clear business idea or have recently started their own business and want to learn the practical steps in developing their business.

Course title: “Start your own business” (Extended)

Duration:                      There are two options

(a) One day per week over a 16 week period


(b) One day per week over a 26 week period

Usually delivered in conjunction with a Fás CE programme

Aim: Provide motivated participants with the wide range of skills needed to develop their ideas into a profitable business

Course title:                 “Should I start a business?”

Duration:                      One – day course

Aim:                             To help people evaluate self-employment as an option

Materials supplied:       Spiral bound booklet of notes and worksheets

In addition to the above programmes customised programmes are also developed to suit client requirements.

Course objectives

At the end of the course trainees will be able to:-

1.         Understand both the business principles and the personal inputs required to develop an enterprise.

2.         Develop an Enterprise with a strong marketing ethos, and be able to plan and implement a cohesive marketing and sales strategy.

3.         Look after the financing and book-keeping requirements of the Enterprise.

4.         Complete and communicate a Business Plan for the enterprise, addressing the key headings of Management, Marketing, Finance and Production.

5.         Be aware of their tax obligations and able to formulate a strategy for meeting them on an ongoing basis

6.         Be familiar with the general management issues involved from the Legal, Health and Safety and Employment perspectives.

7.         Be skilled in the personal management dimensions of time and stress management, goal setting, networking and general investment

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